Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I get my kicks when you walk in

A lazy post. Sorry.
Still, the absolute perfection that a true street style blogger has the ability to capture, so sometimes lazy is beautiful :)
I know we're all full of fashion week but, Tommy Ton is a genius. I couldn't not share this. I think I may be borderline obsessed with it. I have looked through style.com a dozen times today and every time I fall in love with a new photo. My assignments will be forced to do themselves at this rate! Ah, if only..

tommyton1.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt11.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt17.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt5.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog
tommyton2.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt16.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt12.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt4.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt15.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog
tt8.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt6.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt7.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt10.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt13.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlogtt19.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog

Images via style.com


  1. He is such a good street style photographer!! Really love his work! x

  2. Wow. Fab. I ADORE the socks in the second pic! I love shoes and socks together!
    Great post.

  3. I have a hat nearly identical to that first one....just waiting for a day that's not too windy to wear it!