Friday, October 22, 2010

Frock Candy - 22.10.10


Frickin riiide.
One day she'll be a worst. On that day, there will be no Palermo on Frock Candy.
She. looks. stunning.
Cute. Very age appropriate dress. Love Dakota Fanning funsize version more than the big sis.
Hope she's pregnant. Her kid would school Suri Cruise.
Kate, I may be in love with you.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

It's a snoozefest. How she made that dress boring I'll never understand.
Kelly 2.0, I like. This look, I do not.
Yup. Kate Hudson not in Best. Clearly neither her, or her stylist, had their Weetabix that morning.
You can tell she's just dying to get back into her jeans. If I had to wear that I'd probably feel the same. Nice make up love.


Why in God's name did she leave the house like this? It looks like a slutty mermaid costume for Halloween. No. No. No.
It's old school Xtina and it's bad.
I kind of see what she was going for. It just didn't work. Soz.

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  1. I want every piece of Palermo's outfit. And I'm probably goona wear black today ;)

  2. LOVE Olivia as always, love Gwyneths peachy number. LOVE Blake Lively.

    I can't abide Kelly Osbourne, even the 2.0 version. And yeah, I can see where Emma Roberts was going (that IS her isnt it?) and someone like Sienna Miller or maybe Kate Moss could've pulled it off, but she missed the mark...x

  3. Its such a pity when Christina dresses like trash, she could be so pretty.

    Love Blake Lively's outfit. Am actually watching gossip girl as we speak! ;-)


  4. Abso adore what Blake is wearing... she can do no wrong!
    Gwyneth looks fab too.

  5. Gwynnie = Swoonage. WOW.

  6. Palermo looks AMAZING!! Also finally added you to my blogroll! x

  7. i feel dakota is going to give us years of great oufits x