Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frock Candy - 6.10.10

Ok, I deserve a big slap on the wrist for neglect. Well, no more.
It may be bad of me to say so but I am slightly tipsy while writing this post. Therefore any errs in judgement are purely vodka related.
Two weeks of Frock Candy to feast your critical eye upon. Let me know what you think!


Just absolutely stunning.
It's simply chic. Can't really mess up this coat in fairness it's beautiful. If I'm being fussy I'd say lose the hairband but otherwise it's perfect.
She can pull off pretty much anything. Aside from the red hair.
I've never really 'got' Dakota Fanning. She always seemed to either dress inappropriately for her age. That Prada number at Fashions Night Out was a prime example. She looked about 40. This I can get on board with though. Great, if you avert your eyes from the shoes.
Ah. I hate her.
And her...
Book signings galore this week. I love this. Especially the jacket.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

I love the boots. And her bag and her hair is incredible as ever. I loved her in The Town. It's just so dull. Really boring. Sorry.
Emma Roberts is another one I don't get. I don't get those shoes. I don't get that you can see her underwear or whatever the hell that is. I don't get her hair. Pretty dress I just don't get it. Geddit?
Shoes and jewellery ruined this.


Ok, I really, really love the jacket but for Christ sake Miley, you're a young one put on some clothes.
Shoes were a terrible choice, it must have been dark. Bad earrings. Awful eye-shadow, truly horrendous. Dress looks plastic. Would have been fractionally better without the spaghetti straps. Still, bad.
I swear this is not my dislike for Cheryl causing bias. She is actually growing on me. AND her face looks really pretty here. But, there is too much going on and none of it good. Her hair looks like an unkempt horses tail. Shoes are very 1995 and fugly. That shirt is stiff and, despite the fact that it's extremely simple, it's actually wearing her. No need for the belt. Less said about those trousers the better.
Looks like a cheap wedding dress. Because seriously the only time I've ever even warmed slightly to that neckline was on Carrie's Vivienne Westwood gown. That's it. Not impressed Lea.

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  1. love these posts! always gives me severe envy though!

  2. Where do I start? Olivia Palermo makes me want to die inside from sheer envy. I like Blake's outfit, boring as it is. I also have that jacket, so maybe I'm biased...

    Dakota i don't like at all, messy messy. Rihanna I love but her hair burned my eyes so it cancelled out.

    Cheryl & Lea? Stop it.

    Totes jealous of Miley's flat tum, despite the hideous outfit.

  3. Ah Miley Cyrus, now... What was she thinking? Tut tut tut.