Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ear Candy - 11.11.10

Hope he doesn't win Xfactor. For his sake.
Seriously has anyone seen the Joe McEldery video. CringeFactor.


  1. he's so lovely, but winning the Xfactor would ruin his credibility i think? same goes for Rachel!

  2. I just realised who he reminds me of!! The lead singer from The Coronas! He sounds a lot like him. Such a lovely voice though. x

  3. @Skinni - Would definitely ruin his credibility. Second is the place for him then he can do his own thing and not be stuck singing Hallelujah for the rest of his days!
    @Aisling - Nooooo don't say that! Ní maith liom an Coronas. They're named after beer. Seriously.

  4. rachel? who is rachel?! maybe you mean rebecca skinni...i swear i forget a new one every week, you can already tell more or less who will be in the final!
    he really irritated me because he seems like the obvious choice but I can't deny it, esp after seeing this video, he sings soo so well!