Friday, November 12, 2010

Frock Candy - 12.11.10

This week, was a good week. A Best week.


Proving why she's the worlds most beautiful woman...
Stunning colour. She looks all kinds of fierce.
Sweet jaysus. She just get's better with age.
She looks like a doll. She's working it. It's simple and could be dull but it looks perfect.
Leona, fair fucks.
She is on form. Look of the week I'd say. Ride.
Beautiful. If anyone needed an incentive to try mid length. Here ya go.
Ah, she's back.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Her shoes and general beauty saved her from a Worst. Pucci done bad.


She needs to sort out her hair extensions before we end up with another Mischa Barton. One hair travesty is enough. And Miley, stop dressing like abso trash. Ta.
And here was me calling Miley a slore. Is she for serious?
Doesn't fit. Looks like toilet roll. She's a six year old playing dress up.

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  1. Carey and Camilla look so gorgeous!! Taylor, taylor, taylor!! My God that girl! Im sure her parents are proud!!

  2. ooh ooh!

  3. For the love of god, what is WRONG with Taylor Momsen?? I just can't look at her any more!

    Taylor Swift, on the other hand, looks stunning.


  4. Taylor = FAB, SJP IS getting better with age fo' sho. Carey Mulligan's shoes! GIMME. Gwyneth is so elegant.

    Leighton isnt doing it for me at ALL. Miley and Taylor Momsen are both disastrous. Great post xx