Friday, November 19, 2010

Frock Candy - 19.11.10


Dear Taylor Swifts stylist, hair stylist and make up artist, Well fucking done, Love Emz xxx
Emma, I love your name. I adore your hair. I just love you. Completely. More than life. But I would murder you for that trench.
Oh. my. days. It's just too much. I adore them. Bananas. I die. Fierce. Any other reality tv phrases for fabulous apply.
She kind of looks like a present. This dress is a gift to her though. Impossibly cute.
And welcome back Kirsten Dunst.
This is so 90's. I remember being wildly jealous of my auntys satin corset dress. That's why I love this. If Camilla say's it's grand then I can wear one. Only took 10 years! Yus.
I want the OC back. Love Rachel Bilson, this just wouldn't work on anyone else.
If I were that way inclined. I would propose. I might anyway just so we can go halfsies on her clothes.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

I adore that coat! I need it. I also need it worn unbuttoned over a maxi. Seeing as nothing is worn more than once in LaLa Land could I please have that? I would do it more justice than this. Throw in the clutch while you're at it. And stop committing crimes against pretty clothes.
I'm normally a mid length advocate. This is just kind of awkward because of the ruffling. I don't love the top. And I wish it was full length so I wouldn't have to see the shoes.
Hair up. Lose the tights and a bright shoe and you would have been up there with the Best Greene.


Ok, if anyone was going to pull this off it was Blake. I like the jacket and the boots and the dress and even the tights. Whatever possessed her to pull all these random items out of her wardrobe and wear them together is beyond me.
Christina took a gorgeous pair of Louboutins with her when she travelled back to 2001 to pick up that dress and have her hair done. When the crotchless chaps and dreadlocks come back we'll know this mess is complete.
I refuse to swear when commenting on this but my days daycent words fail me.

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  1. love a bitta Miss Dunst in the morning x

  2. I too would murder EW for that trench. We can tag team her and timeshare on the coat. I'll be your alibi.

    Love the black satin dress. wish I had the figure.

    Someone needs to stop that Aguilera one. And as for Blake? Ugh. She's usually fab...but no.

  3. Oh wow GREAT selection of the best dressed, loving them all! x

  4. Hmm, am actually not diggin' the Olden twins there.. as for Blake, all the things she's wearing are lovely... just NOT together!

  5. ooohhh, i love love love RB's dress, stunning! NEED IT!!!

  6. llloovveee your picks here! except taylor. can't stand her :) lovelovelove kirsten though!