Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lack of visual empathy equates the meaning of L-O-V-E

So, I know everyone goes mental over the H&M collaborations with Fashion Houses.
I've, as of yet, been underwhelmed.
Sure the clothes are nice but, I didn't love the Cavalli. The Williamson was very beachwear. Jimmy Choo was nice, but I think he impressed more because of the fact that I've never been overly taken with the Choo brand and wasn't really expecting to like it. Stella, I did like so perhaps underwhelmed is the wrong word, but in the same way, blown away wouldn't be apt either.
Lanvin though, Lanvin I would buy.

According to other bloggers the menswear section was sound. Therefore no boys have any reasonable excuse not to own that jacket.
Unfortunately, I don't love it quite enough to queue in the freezing cold at all hours to have a scrap in the womenswear over the last yellow one shoulder.
I'd happily attend the 'Haute Couture' auction though. My invite obviously got lost...


  1. anybody know if the collection is gona come here?? I went online to have a peak and everything was SOLD OUT!

  2. Skinni Peach I think it is in the Dundrum? Elle, I thought this was the best collab as well, would of loved to have got a piece from the collection but everyone will probably be decked out in in now!

  3. I'm with you on the underwhelment, other than the dress in the top right corner I wouldnt look twice

  4. I completely agree... Lanvin is first decent collaboration!

  5. I need that yellow dress!
    Great collaboration!