Friday, December 3, 2010

Frock Candy - 3.12.10


For some reason I think I should fault this. I can't though, she is majaa pulling it off.
Haven't had Palermo on this in a while. It's nice, it's like she's returned home.
And up a grade you go Mila. Gorgeous. Wowsa.
She's like the US Sienna. So f-ing cool.
Why the sad face Portman? You look amazeballs.
Well may aswel just give up now, Heidi Klum wins at life.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Bound to be on every worst dressed list but, for some reason, I quite like this. Then I realise her coat reminds me of my Nana's house coat, so Uma stays put.
Now don't get me wrong. Halle looks stunning. I just don't think this works that well off the runway. Maybe on someone like Erin Wasson or Emmanuelle Alt. She just doesn't have the right attitude or something. Not feelin' it soz peh.


The awkward moment when Winona Ryder wears a suit.
Bit of a Diane Keaton moment. Oh dear.


  1. I couldn't recognise Natalie Portman there; unfortunately I don't like it at all. Winona looks horrendous! Love Blake's look though.

  2. aonther Palermo success

  3. Natalie Portman is my DREAM woman. Love the Olympia Le-Tan clutch book too. Yum.

    Not feeling Palermo THAT much, Love Kate Bosworth if that's who it is behind the shades,(US Sienna Miller?) and Winona as Diane Keaton at her blind tailor's funeral. Wahey. Disater.

  4. Omg Mila is just wow.
    I love her.

  5. The second I saw that I thought of Diane Keaton! Awful.. just awful.


  6. Thanks for sharing! some of these women are so beautiful!

  7. Blake looks the dress...great colour!

    Natalie is a mess though!

  8. Wowsa is right - Mila Kunis looks amazo. And those shoes!

    Come enter the Licentiate giveaway!

  9. I'll be needing that Kate Bosworth outfit in it's entirety! Great post. x