Monday, December 6, 2010

If you run I'll wait for you

Spotlight: Karen Gillan
From: Scotland
Day Job: Actress
First copped her: In Grazia
Style: Quite quirky English Rose. Lot's of black and statement accessories. Very Nicola Roberts. Die for her hair.

Karen Gillan and Sex And The CityKaren GillanKaren GillanWho's that girl? Karen Gillan, star of Dr. Who, arrives at the Radio One studios in London to promote the latest series of the Sci Fi classic.

Get the look

All topshop. Asos leopard print bag.

Images via contactmusic, tfs, store websites


  1. LOVE the third pic down. Also totes want that gorgeous mustardy colour shirt dress thing... YUM

  2. cool style, will have to start spying on her ;)

  3. She's absolutely stunning. I love her style... and she makes me want to be a red head!

  4. She is amaziiing isnt she!!! I saw a pic of her on gmtv in a gorgeous green outfit i was like whooo is this!! Her hair wow!x

  5. Oh she's great! Like Rose McGowan on the rare occasion she has style! I wish I could pull off red hair, but my face is constantly red, so it would never work *sigh* And I love nearly every outfit!

  6. Love her style! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea she even existed! x

  7. Gorgeous.. nice to see someone embracing the pale!


  8. nice post:) xx

  9. Ooh leopard print bag...delish. Also, go on the Gillen! I love Doctor Who (serious nerd alert).