Monday, December 20, 2010

Penniless with only charms

All I want for Christmas is...
Sneaky feel and a peek through the wrapping paper tells me the dress is in the bag.
Happy out :)

Oh and I am unbelievably grateful for the nomination for Irelands top fashion blogger!
A huge thank you to whoever was behind getting my name into the top 50.
You can vote here for me or any of the other very worthy 49!
The blog is fun for me, a hobby really, so to receive even a nomination surpasses any expectations I ever had when I started.
Thank you to everyone who reads, comments or follows and to all those lovely people who have made me feel so welcome in the blogging world!
Heart you all!

I'm welling up.

Thank you.


  1. you got that dress for xmas? its gorgeous
    !! where is it from?

  2. It's Kate Moss at Topshop! I've been eyeing it up for weeks! The ma is a ledge x

  3. This is so strange, I bought that denim jacket a week ago, and a Single Man and I have been lusting after the chunky Topshop shoes too!!

  4. A Single Man - such a beautiful film.
    And the clothes?! Yum, love it, want it all!
    Merry Christmas!