Friday, January 21, 2011

Frock Candy - 21.1.11


I'm glad she's back. She always makes spectacularly unusual choices. And I always love them.
Simple, beautiful.
Would you know she was pregnant? Love the neckline.
This just screams Olivia Palermo. Great shoes. She's a babe.
Quirky. The bow is cool. Shoes aren't great but they work.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Pretty dress. Needs to see a hairdresser. Don't get the visible bra thing here? No love for that clutch.
Pretty and girly but she looks like a very tall 5 year old.
Beautiful. Stunning dress. Too ill fitting. It looks like she's playing dress up.
Much better than the Viktor & Rolf she wore to the ceremony. I get that she'd want to wear flats but not those flats.


The skirt of this dress is hideous.
Quite like the jacket. And her lipstick and sunglasses. And the dog of course. It's just everything else I have an issue with...
Navy satin is friend to no-one. Someone style Anna Kendrick!
Those shoes. Bad jewellery. She looks so uncomfortable in the dress. It looks like a bit of black fabric just tied to her with that belt. No.
Remember in the Devil Wears Prada when Miranda goes to James Holt and he shows her the dress he has designed for her?
Well I'm pursing my lips right now.


  1. Love these kinds of post, In love with Kirsten that rodarte skirt is AMAZING have been swooning over it since I saw it on the catwalk x

  2. Not diggin Whitney's outfit at all, the leopard print shoes don't work with it in the slightest bit.

  3. haha miranda's lip purse...i just rewatched devil wears prada..jennifer looks like a big, wrapped...thing :|

  4. Natalie Portman - being pregnant doesnt mean you can dress poorly from now on - you are still a celeb! Love Kate Bosworth!

  5. Love Camille Belle rand Emma Roberts. . they always have great style and there so young! :)

  6. Totally agree with all the worsts...particularly the lip-pursing inducer - what THE hell?!

    The red gown is terribly ill-fitting, isnt it, someone should have altered it to fit her.

    LOVEEE Kirsten's weirdness too x

  7. Kirsten strikes again, love her

  8. Haha totally agree with every comment:)!! x

  9. My God Jeniifer Love Hewitt. My God.