Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ear Candy - 20.1.11

Bit of a change going on in my itunes.
Broadening my horizons you might say.
Which is where you come in...
I'd like you recommend me some songs? Or a band or album that you love. Doesn't matter how obscure or well known they are. Genre is irrelevant.
For the next few weeks I'll feature some of them in Ear Candy.
The one's I like at least :P


  1. Mmm I have so many faves from last year! I actually listed a load on Inky Wrists here;

    I've yet to find any new songs I love this year, except I have a slight weakness for Avril Lavinge's new song (kinda embarrassing I know!!)

  2. I'm not sure if you're into techno, I wasn't until I heard this song. Give it a chance because it does grow on you (PS. It's made from video games)

    And a bit of Korean music can't go wrong (especially since she looks amazing in the video)