Friday, February 25, 2011

Frock Candy - 24.2.11


I cannot fault this. Complete Moss perfection.
So very Zooey. So very pretty.
I think I love it because it's almost identical to what I wore Wednesday. She of course looks a million dollars. I looked like I was on safari.
I love when she ventures out, she always looks beautiful.
It's cool. Casual and well put together. Great jeans, jacket and boots.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Would be absolutely stunning if it fit her.
The dress is ill fitting and the shoes are wrong. It's a nice idea though.


I kinda love the fact that her poof just gets bigger when she's trying to look classy.
She looks like a Sunday School teacher. Surprisingly disappointing.


  1. well I bet it was a very chic safari x

  2. Love all your top pics! Snooki scares me so much, that poof!! x

  3. Yeah I love Anne, but those glasses were very much a 'What Were You Thinking' moment! It's strange, because she normally gets it right! Zooey looks fab as usual...I worship her.