Saturday, April 2, 2011

Frock Candy - 1.4.11

Handed in my dissertation today. After a lot of work and a crashed laptop I have returned to Elle of the Ball! Sorry for the lack of posting over the last while. I'm a disaster.


These two. I swear my heart almost skipped a beat when I seen this! MK's waistcoat is just all kinds of fierce. Loving the John Lennon shades also. Amazing.
I'm not a huge Blake fan. This I like though. It reminds me of the Fall Couture Chanel she wore a few months back. I loved that. I like this also.
Also not a huge Vanessa fan. Like those trousers. She wore them with a black top that night and it did not work. Nice here. Retro ankle bracelet.
Wouldn't be frock candy without Kate Bosworth. I'm saving for those boots.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

Yep. Pretty. Like the shoes. Just not premiere appropriate. Day in the park perhaps. Not a freakin Kennedy premiere.


She tried really hard. And failed. It's all so fussy. The one shoulder dress. The belted oversized blazer. Strappy sandals. It's all too much.
Hoe. fo. sho. Would work on Leighton Meester. She wouldn't wear those shoes.


  1. I *heart* the Olsen twins, big time. Also Blake's dress is absolutely amazing, its like all the Black Swan inspired pieces around lately, but in scarlet red. Brilliant :-)

  2. not a Blake fan myself ... Olsen twins look fab though, like most of the time but really really love this look

  3. oooh I want Olsen style shades!

  4. Lol my laptop got a terrible virus and crashed the night, taking my thesis proposal (worth 50% of my Thesis Preparation module) with it the night before it was due...nightmare timing!

  5. blakes dress is AMAZING!! love love love it and her!