Friday, June 24, 2011

Frock Candy - 24.6.11


This is too amazing. Love the sheer skirt. Her lipstick is yum too.
It's cute and quirky even though it's all black. We have the same hair. So I'm going to become a Shenae lookalike. In the money.
Palermo is back. Perfect as ever.

Fair to Middlin'

How freaking skinny is she. Malnutrition fo' sho'. Her overdone hair ruined this.
Normally I would go for this but something about this look isn't working for me.
Different shoes, different belt and lose the 2006 hairstyle and this would be a Best.


Ew. Ew. Ew. Mermaid dress. Granny shoes. White trash hair. Ew.
There's punk and then there's trying to be punk and then there's Avril.


  1. why wont Avril just go away!

  2. hahaha. Avril oh how you made me laugh out loud.
    I've a sudden urge, after all the red carpet gownage she's donned over the last few weeks, to never look at Rosie Huntington Whitless again.
    Smug much? And put some freakin clothes on you're not on the Vic Secrets catwalk now love.