Friday, January 27, 2012

Throw me in the water, don't think about the splash I will create

I could do a run down of the Golden Globe dresses but, it would just be the same as we've seen on every other blog: Emma Stone - good. Sarah Jessica Parker - bad.

What did interest me though was Piper Perabo.
Piper, to me, made the single most inspiring and unique choice on the red carpet.
She chose Olivier Theysken.
Theyskens' Theory has never exactly screamed red carpet. 
It's cool. 
It's quirky.
It could have been a hit.
She did it all wrong.

Firstly, her height
Now, I know there is not much she can do about it but, her stylist should have realised, or at least whoever over at Theyskens' Theory who sent this as an option, should have specified that it should only be given to the 5'10ers, the Blake Livelys and Elle MacPhersons of the world. 
She could have remedied her height however...
Which brings me to...
 Secondly, her shoes
I know they are Louboutin but that doesn't make them okay.
She should have not worn peep toes. She should have painted her toenails. She should not be DAMAGING LOUBOUTINS by standing on them SIDEWAYS. They should not be silver. They should be at least two inches higher.
The look like glass slippers which brings me to...
Thirdly, her hair
This dress is very urban Cinderella. 
Cinderella was blonde.
For this to work you need an Emma Stone or a Jessica Biel. Ginger or brunette. 
Jessica Alba wore the Little Mermaid dress. Jessica Alba is not a redhead. THAT is why it worked! Well, it was also a nice dress but, in this instance I'm putting it down to her hair.
I just noticed that cuff. 
That too, is wrong.
Maybe that's why the blonde didn't work. The pretty diamonds didn't exactly juxtapose the fairytale gown.
But, there is something even more wrong that her jewellery.
Which brings me to...
Fourthly, her posing
What IS that?
She gives Lea Michele a run for her money.
Anyone who watched Live from the Red Carpet on E! will know that, that is saying something.

In short, Great dress + Wrong star + Bad styling + Possibly the wrong event = Worst Dressed List

Great Dress + Christina Ricci/ Chloe Sevingy/ a Fanning sister/ Jessica Szohr/ anyone remotely cool + Charles Anastase shoes and Lanvin jewellery  + the MET Ball = Best Dressed List.


  1. Fantastic pose. I love the dress but I knew the more I looked at it that there was something wrong but I just couldn't put my finger on it!! Now I know exactly how very very wrong it was.

  2. Sorry that was meant to be "Fantastic post". The poses are awful!