Friday, July 16, 2010

Frock Candy - 16.7.10

Yesterday, St Swithin's Day, it lashed. Like proper biblical Noahs Ark type rain. That's what we can expect for the next 40 days if legend be true. When it's raining like that, there is nothing better than being indoors, cuppa tae in one hand, chocolate in the other, and a loverly film on the box. I watched Romeo and Juliet. The one with Leonardo Di Caprio. Always hated how they set it in the modern day. This bit always wins me over though.

Anyway, back to fashion. Let's have a look, an envy and a bit of a ridicule at what people have been wearing where it isn't pouring from above.

SJP. THOSE SHOES. I love. Only she would walk around like this and that is why we love her. The dress, the bag, it's all so Sarah Jessica. Perfection. I love how she's holding a little pink jacket. It just a reminder that she's a mother of three who dresses like this. A mother with hired help, I grant you, but still. I also love how the steps to her home are like Carries. I just love it all.
First of two 90210 stars today. It's her hair and those shoes that win this for me. It's simple but simply beautiful. The bit of the bag you see is nice, like the loose laid back quality to the shirt. Plus I love all black on a sunny day. I wore all black yesterday, it wasn't the same.
I promise I won't put her in next week. Birkin. Skirt, Top. All winners. Would have prefered to see this with heels but, I understand my feet like a rest too.

Fair to Middlin' Sure
Like her hair, make up and Aldo shoes.Tan is dodge. Is is just me or are her pins way darker than the rest of her? That dress is just like that topshop dress that everyone had last Christmas. You know the one. I can't find a picture. I'm sure one of your friends had it.

'This is not a photo opportunity' No AnnaLynne, no-one will want to photograph you sneaking out of your hot boyfriends house. Not at all. No shoes, perfect for creepin'. I like the fit of these jeans but not the fraying. Don't like the bag. T-shirt is just a statement. Hat and scarf are unnecessary but grand. Don't like the belt.

Oh. dear. God. Her lips. That is most definitely not her colour. Overly straightened, fake looking hair. That dress was purchased on Stacey Slaters market stall. As was the hideous crop jacket. Shoes look alright from this angle, aside from the colour. Oh it's bad. I mean she was never stylish but at least in a velour tracksuit we could excuse her as effortless.

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  1. Added you to my links list!

    Anyway, can you believe I have never seen Romeo + Juliet in its entirity! What channel was it on last night? My friend told me she was watching it too, but alas it was too late by then!

    Love Olivia's skirt

  2. Every week I try not to post a pic of Olivia on my blog and most weeks I fail :-) Her wardrobe is just to die for....

  3. Sarah Jessica Parker wins everytime. The brunette from 90210 is absolutely stunning too. I love these posts!

  4. Kat - Thank you! It was on Film4. It's a weird one, I somehow find it easier to understand what is said when they're dressed in velvet gowns and loads of gold. Maybe I just have less of an interest in someone in a tropical shirt declaring 'Juliet is the sun!'

    metrochica - I know, I can be quite biased but, I don't like her and she still manages to be included in Best every week. That's style!

    anna - She can do no wrong. SJP is god. Thanks dear, every Friday :)

  5. Oh Olivia... *sighs*.
    If I had money I'd dress like you.
    On another note, Love Baz Luhrmann & love this version of Romeo & Juliet. It's Mercutio (or rather Harold Perrineau Jr.)that wins me over every time. His love for Romeo, the drag act, the curse, when he dies. Exquisite!

  6. Katie Price is such a disaster!

    And I love that scene in Romeo and Juliet!

  7. I don't like Olivia Palermo as a person (not that I actually know her like....) but her style is faultless. That outfit is stunning. A gorgeous pair of heels would've been smashing tho.

    Katie Price should be put down. Is that politically incorrect?! :P