Friday, July 23, 2010

Frock Candy - 23.7.10

Oh, I struggled this week.
Olivia Palmero wore a leopard print swimsuit on Monday and since then my head has been a constant battlefield,
'You have to put it in'
'No you can't, it's Olivia overkill'
'It's leopard print'
'So, oh look at Alexa Chung....'
'Don't try to distrac- oooh, look at Alexa Chung...'

I give you Frock Candy.
Minus Olivia Palmero, for once!

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It's very Alexa. Love the shade of the shirt against her skintone. The jean shorts are perfectly distressed. And the slouchy bag and oversized looseness of the shirt make this so effortlessly chic.
I love this. Kate Bosworth has really grown in the style stakes this year. She was always pretty fashionable, but I've yet to see her make a mistake this year. The colour is gorgeous on her and I normally hate orange. She just looks cool and so simple.
Rachel Bilson is entering Olivia Palmero territory. Couldn't find a picture of her alone but that's ok they're both Best. More orange. More gorgeousness. The shape of the jacket and the clutch aren't immediately noticeable but so beautiful. Shoes are cool. They make me want to wear orange. That's no mean feat for a shoe.

Fair to Middlin' Sure
january jones lace 04
Ok, so I realise this won't be a hit with everyone. I love this top. I love it against her pale skin. I love her hair. I love the red lip. The sunglasses. The jeans and shoes are grand but that Marc by Marc top is amazing.
I enjoy double denim as much as the next person. The thing about this trend is, the colour and cut are important. The washes of the jeans and the shirt don't particularly work together. I don't love those shoes with a flared jean either but, its a daycent effort.

How tacky is this. Stella McCartney I'm surprised at you. I really hope this was intended to be worn with a trouser of some sort. Those satin shoes don't help. A pair of blue Nicholas Kirkwood heels and I could have forgiven this. It's just so cheap looking.
WHEN WILL THESE DRESSES DIE! I can't take it anymore. The world and it's mother have worn them to death since Herve Leger put one on the catwalk, oh I don't know, two years ago! I know it's the labels signature dress. But enough already! This doesn't even fit her. Her shoes look like wicker..., wicker!
I like her nail polish.
That's it.
No. Those shoes make me sick, they're scum between my toes. This looked alright on Kim Cattrall in SATC 2 and on RiRi. Thing is it suited Samantha. And it's very Rihanna. Kristen had severe issues with boobage and this little number. You can't wear a 'girl-next-door' hairstyle with a dress which has spikes coming out of the shoulders. No. Just no.

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  1. alexa is beautiful and fashionable as usual <3 I love her bag .
    Have a nice week-end :)

  2. Rachel always looks amazing, I love her style.

  3. January Jones is amazing and comes a close second of my list of women that I 'would if I was...'.

    Alexa is fab too, and love love love her nail varnish. Kristen Cavallari needs to stop trying to be edgy. She's just not.

  4. I agree with you on the Herve Leger bandage dress thingy! I wouldn't mind if it were a dark colour and she had something of a figure to give the dress a shape! I love how Rachael Bilson, January Jones and Katie Holmes look... They know what they are doing!