Thursday, September 16, 2010

I belong to the hurricane

This weeks Frock Candy is rescheduled yet again. I may need to change the day. Friday just isn't working out. The reason is good though. A bumper New York fashion week extravaganza! (I said that with an evil/flashy jazz hand pose, fo' reals)
I heart NY.
I was going to replace Frock Candy altogether. Then I remembered all the amazing looks of this week so I've decided Saturday we'll have a little 'NY Fashion Week what they wore'. Excited? I think so.
For now, here are some of the best non-fashion week looks. Which mainly consist of Fashion's Night Out. Does that count as Fashion Week? I don't think so..anyway, here we go!

Also, does this Marc Jacobs remind anyone else of the Mean Girls trend where they cut holes in Regina's top?
marcjacobs1.jpg picture by EmmaheartsshoesBlog
Loves it.

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  1. Rachel Bilson I LOVE, same with Gwen Stefani. Not mad about Blake Lively's one...was it Chanel? I think it was. Cant remember.

    And YES that's EXACTLY what I thought when I saw it!! Regina George makes it to the catwalk!! She really is the queen bee.

  2. Blake's dress- meh. Her shoes- meh. Her jewellery, hair and makeup- amazing! My obsession with her will never be tamed. Ever!
    Rachel Bilson's dress is adorable but i think her makeup is a bit too heavy. She is lovely though!