Monday, January 17, 2011

You're my army, you're my troops

Golden Globes action.
Kind of unimpressive but there were a few gems.
The entire Glee cast need a stylist.


Anne Hathaway, wow just wow. Finally majorly impressed by Emma Stone. Leighton is elegant and stunning. Clare Danes looks classic, simple and striking.
Hate to say it but Angelina looks amazing. Barely recognised Sandra Bullock but that dress is beautiful. Scarlet is as expected, annoyingly pretty.

Fair to Middlin' Sure

The problem here was mainly that, despite the beautiful dresses, there was just something not quite right. Mila and her Jedward hair reminded me a little of this lady. JLo looked stunning as ever, but I don't know my head was in a mental debate over the shawled top. Olivia Wilde sparkling gown and girl next door hair, why? Zeta Jones, beautiful truly. I just couldn't give it a best. I think that's because it kind of looked like a paper maché project she had her kids do.


Halle, no. Natalie, why? January, I get the Mad men thing, but that hairstyle with the oh so booby dress? Really? Michelle, my granny would like her tablecloth back.
Xtina, I really like the bottom of that dress but you look like a ho' fo' sho'. When velvet goes bad ladies. Kelly, I really, really don't get it.

Images via Harpers Bazaar and Eonline


  1. go Emma Stone! Interesting colour choice by Angelina

  2. There were a lot of long sleeved and high neck dresses this year. Not an awful lot particularly stood out. Well, for the right reasons. Halle Berry, WHAT in the lord's name were you thinking??

  3. Completely agree with you here! Love Ange's dress! x

  4. Love Claire Danes´ dress! She looks gorgeous

  5. Have to agree with you on Natalie Portman - I know that dress is Victor and Rolf but still... yuck!

  6. Loads of people criticised Angie, but I loved her dress! It really stood out and was a beautiful colour!

  7. I agree with your choices. Although a lot of people don't get Leighton's gown I still think it's gorgeous. Way to go, you have an excellent eye for fashion.

    Much love,

    followed your blog coz I love it. :)